Mosquito Control

The mosquito brings disease and death, creating havoc among unsuspecting victims by spreading malaria, cerebral malaria, brain fever, filariasis and dengue.

SSPC has time and again accepted the challenge and succeeded in providing a mosquito-free environment through its scientific and integrated approach.

An integral aspect of all operations is the initiative and co-operation of local residents, and our employees through awareness programs. Such mosquito control operations are undertaken in small industrial towns, townships, housing colonies, villages and major cities in different parts of the country.

    Pre-Survey & Awareness:
  • • Commercial, Industrial & Pre-Construction Residential Only.
  • • Thorough Inspection of affected site and surrounding areas.
  • • Plan of action will be then determined and explained to customer.
  • • Chemical, Non-Chemical & Biological Adult/Larvae control methods.
  • • Information on preventative measures provided.
    Service Offers:
  • Annual Maintenance.